ISO 45001 occupational health and safety (OHS) systems, sometimes known as workplace health and safety (WHS) systems, are the systems put in place by an organisation to make a job or workplace safer for employees, visitors and other occupants.

Hazard Prevention

The focus of these systems is hazard prevention. Identifying potential sources of injury in a certain role or workplace, and putting in place processes, procedures and physical safety improvements to lower the risk of injury.

Better Safety Better Productivity

From a productivity perspective, lowering the incidence of injury to employees pays dividends, through lowering the amount of lost time in sick leave and due to injury.

Avoid Legal Trouble

Health and safety in the workplace is also highly regulated in the UK and organisations can face heavy sanctions where they are found to have inadequate systems in place to protect worker safety. Additionally the quality of an organisation’s OHS system will be taken into account when assessing liability in the event that someone is injured in the workplace. If the system is inadequate, this may lead to the organisation being found liable and being required to pay significant compensation or face other penalties.

ISO 9001 systems are also valuable for a variety of other reasons, from the more existential like saving the planet, to the more immediate like meeting eligibility criteria for certain tenders or gaining a marketing benefit.

When and Where you need us

At Productivity Management Services (UK) we provide consultants who can implement new occupational health and safety systems and manage existing systems. We can build a new OHS system or takeover management of an existing one. We also offer supplementary services like evaluating your existing conformance to relevant OHS standards, or conducting an internal audit. We provide supplementary support services in large organisations or a more extensive management function for smaller firms.

The Expertise you Need

We aim to give business owners and managers a way to outsource their system implementation and management to experts, for greater convenience and at a lower cost than performing these tasks in-house. Our consultants bring to bear a vast wealth of experience, making your system a valuable tool for improvement, not just a certificate on the wall.

Value for Money Services

Our rates are extremely competitive compared to other systems management companies, and compared to the cost of in-sourcing. Through our pool of more than 100 consultants nationwide and internationally we have the best wealth of experience on the market, and this expertise means we can build better systems.