A quality management system enables businesses and other organisations to consistently meet their quality objectives in the delivery of the products and services they supply. The international standard, ISO 9001, describes a form of quality management system that can be externally audited for compliance by an independent certification body.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Quality management systems complying with ISO 9001 are designed to ensure that both customer and supplier expectations will be met in any transaction. A quality assurance system will provide a means of ensuring that all processes and procedures affecting quality will be well controlled and that all relevant inputs of skills, capabilities, labour and materials, both from internal resources and external suppliers, will meet requirements. The outcome of all this is good products and services, and happy customers.

Improve Efficiency, Reduce Defects

An ISO 9001 compliant system has procedures for the identification, analysis and rectification of defects and non-conformances, as well as for the reduction or elimination of similar incidents in future. By reducing defects, a ISO 9001 system will help streamline your operations and improve efficiency, thereby lowering costs.

Open the Door to new Opportunities

Gaining ISO 9001 certification can open the door to new opportunities or tenders which were previously out of reach. Many companies or government agencies require their suppliers to have ISO 9001 certification, so having a system may be a necessity for gaining certain contracts. An organisation gaining certification to ISO 9001 can display that status in all of its marketing materials and communications, so it is also a useful marketing tool, giving your potential customers confidence that they are dealing with a reputable and high quality supplier.

ISO 9001 systems are also valuable for a variety of other reasons, from the more existential like saving the planet, to the more immediate like meeting eligibility criteria for certain tenders or gaining a marketing benefit.

When and Where you need us

We are the largest provider of ISO systems management services nationwide. If you don’t have certification to ISO 9001 and need to get it, we can assess your requirements, document a system, implement procedures, train staff and guide you through the certification process with the certifying body of your choice. If you already have certification to ISO 9001 but feel that the system is ineffective or obsolete, we can renovate, improve or upgrade your system to the latest issue. If you want to outsource to an economical maintenance service, we can manage your ISO 9001 system on your behalf, at moderate rates, based on regular visits at any level that you may require.

The Expertise you Need

If your business needs assistance with gaining or maintaining ISO 9001 certification, Productivity Management Services (UK) is the best place to come for help. We have been in the quality business for a very long time, and now offer our services in the UK and New Zealand and Australia. We have the most experience, the largest pool of practitioners, and we offer the best range of assistance programs. Our ISO systems are administratively right-sized, operationally-relevant, dynamic systems with a focus on achieving a steady and continuing improvement in the organisation’s quality performance.

Value for Money Services

Our rates are extremely competitive compared to other systems management companies, and compared to the cost of in-sourcing. Through our pool of more than 100 consultants nationwide and internationally we have the best wealth of experience on the market, and this expertise means we can build better systems.