"Getting more from less is the prime objective of productivity improvement."

Getting more, from less. This is the prime objective of productivity improvement. How well it is achieved determines the profitability, and ultimately the survival, of every business operating in a competitive economy.


Productivity improvement is challenging work. It demands both generalist and specialist expertise. It requires independent and innovative approaches to the design of organisations, processes and products.


It requires careful and methodical optimisation of that which is already in place. Our business offers a comprehensive range of expertise to support the productivity improvement effort. It provides productivity analysts and technical specialists at competitive prices; people with the knowledge, independence, clarity and commitment needed to manage productivity improvement.


These experts can be assigned to your business for a few days, for an extended period, or as a continuing part-time supplement to your human resources.


Our productivity improvement methodology has been developed and refined over many years to provide business with an efficient, effective and economical means of acquiring the expertise that it needs.


Our group was founded in 1969 and has completed thousands of productivity improvement projects. These have analysed and measured productivity, introduced new management techniques, trained employees, designed and installed new production facilities, engineered new products, implemented and maintained efficient quality, safety and environmental systems.


These projects have been completed in businesses of every size, type and industry sector.






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