Process Improvement


Productivity Management Services offer process improvement services based on proven and well-established techniques; work study, standards setting, workflow and methods analysis, industrial and production engineering work.


Our approach starts from the premise that product competitiveness and profit optimisation are the points of cardinal importance to the owners of a business. Product competitiveness is essential because customers trade with a business on the strength of the products and services that it offers; the attributes of what lies behind the “organisational screen” of the supplying firm is generally of little direct interest to them. Profit optimisation is important because rational business owners must seek a competitive return on their investment of capital and effort to preserve the economic viability of the firm.


From this premise, a firm’s resource use pattern is analysed under each of the following four headings;


  • Product; resources - labour, material, etc.- identifiable in the saleable outputs of the business
  • Process; resources expended in operating the facilities needed for product realisation
  • Presentation; resources spent completing customer transactions - sales, distribution costs, etc.
  • Profit; what is left - the monetary value of the residual.


The second and third headings generally provide the most fruitful opportunities for productivity gains. This is not because the process and presentation functions are unimportant to the firm, rather that the incentives to maximise efficiency in the parts of the organisation responsible for these activities is the weakest. The “right-sizing”of these functions is the key to a healthy, smooth functioning and economically sustainable organisation.


We can provide insightful and independent expertise to help business owners assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the firm’s resource conversion structures on a flexible and affordable basis.


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