Human Resources


Staffing a business with the right number of people, with the right skills and the right attitudes is a key determinant of productivity performance. Managers need to get the best from the human resources available to them, hold on to their best people and fully develop their potential.


The human resource establishment is one of the highest costs that a business has to carry. If this resource is not managed efficiently, productivity, quality, operational and financial performance are all likely to suffer.


The efficient staffing of a business includes defining and optimising roles and responsibilities as well as matching people to their proper tasks. Retaining and training the best staff maximises the contribution that they make to the business and delivers the benefits that flow from stability. Conversely, high staff turnover rates impose productivity losses on a business through the recruitment, changeover and training costs that instability incurs. More than that, high turnover means that the training and experience invested into a departing staff member is lost, together with any goodwill that the staff member had with clients or suppliers.


A key question is determining in what capacity a business should engage the people that it needs. The Australian Productivity Council can advise on how to organise a workforce in the most efficient way, whether in deciding between full-time or part-time, temporary or permanent, employees or contractors - even whether to outsource certain functions entirely.


The APC can assist organisations in the following ways:


  • Personnel selection. The APC can help find the right person for a particular role, using experienced consultants to select the person who will be most productive for a business.


  • Provision of temporary staff. The APC can provide temporary workers in several key areas, such as system managers, technical writers and legal personnel, either as a temporary supplement to an existing department, for a specific project or as an economical and low maintenance alternative to hiring permanent employees.


  • Human resource consulting. The APC can advise on HR solutions, including how a business can recruit the right staff and retain and develop the best and brightest.


  • Human resource management systems. The APC can put in place, and maintain as necessary, HR management systems to help keep track of recruitment decisions, keep records, meet legal obligations and monitor and measure staff performance.



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