Environmental Management - ISO 14001



What is an Environmental Management System?


Organisations put in place environmental management systems in order to manage and lower the impact of their activities on the environment.



Why should you get an Environment Management system?


Environment management systems are critical for firms to meet their environmental impact targets. These targets may be as a result of regulatory requirements, or as a result of internal governance measures aimed at reducing environmental impact.


Obtaining an ISO certified system acts as a powerful management tool, guaranteeing customers that your organisation is managing its impact on the environment.



What can Productivity Management Services do for you?


At Productivity Management Services we provide consultants who can implement new quality assurance systems and manage existing systems. We aim to give business owners and managers a way to outsource their system implementation and management with greater convenience and at a lower cost than performing these tasks in-house. Our services include:


  • Evaluate and report on organisational conformance to relevant Environmental standards;


  • Design, document and implement Environmental management systems to any of the relevant Standards, including ISO 14001, and can assist organisations with the efficient integration of systems;


  • Operate and maintain OHS management systems, in whole or in part, on behalf of clients;


  • Conduct internal audits;


  • Provide supplementary support services in large organisations or a more extensive management function for smaller firms.


Click here to discover why Productivity Management Services offers the best solutions to help your business get and maintain ISO certification.


If you need assistance with implementing or maintaining an ISO system, or if you have any queries regarding how to obtain ISO certification, please contact us.







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