Design for Productivity


Manufacturers operating in a high-income location like Australia face extraordinarily difficult challenges competing with products imported from low income countries. To a large degree this is an intractable problem, a consequence of the steady diffusion of western manufacturing techniques into a succession of newly industrialised nations.


What can be done for manufacturing firms to help them stay competitive?


One helpful answer is design for productivity, a product design approach that applies market study, value analysis, industrial design, input substitution, product simplification and part count reduction in a rigorous, innovative and systematic way to improve the relationship between product cost and selling price.


Productivity Management Services has achieved extraordinary results through the application of this method - in some cases part counts have been reduced by as much as 70%, embedded labour time halved, production facilities simplified and expensive fixtures and assembly equipment eliminated.


The objective of the design for productivity process is to achieve a superior product, in aesthetic and technical terms, to improve market performance while simultaneously reducing the resources needed to produce them. Many Australian manufacturers can benefit from this approach.


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